Create beautiful benchtops no matter your budget

We offer products that emulate the look and feel of marble, stone or timber.


Need some help to choose the right benchtop?

Here are some great tips that we have found useful over the years

  1. Ask us!! We see dozens of kitchens on a weekly basis and can provide advice about what’s on trend or colours that will work in with your existing colour scheme
  2. Grab a Home Design, Dream Kitchens or home renovation magazine to find some inspiration
  3. Check out display homes. Display homes will always have the most up to date colours and styles on display
  4. Pintrest… so much inspiration and where a lot of our clients find great and unique colour schemes
  5. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for their opinions.

                                   Click here for Formica benchtop colours

                 Click here for Polytec benchtop colours

                Click here for Laminex benchtop colours

                                    Click here for Nikpol benchtop colours 


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