How long does a benchtop replacement take?

1 day

How long before I can use my kitchen?

That same day.

There will be wet silicone between the benchtop and splashback but other than that, you will have full functionality of your kitchen that same day

Do I have to replace my sink and cooktop?


You can choose to have your existing sink and cooktop re-installed or take the opportunity to upgrade appliances at this time should you wish

Will my splashback get damaged?


The silicone seal between the existing benchtop and splashback gets cut out, the benchtop removed from under the splashback and the new benchtop pushed under the existing splashback. We then apply a new “wet area” silicone seal between the new benchtop and existing splashback.

Can you make room for a dishwasher?


This is a really common request and we have multiple options to make modifications to provide for a dishwasher

What is the warranty period for laminate benchtops?

7 years on the laminate

12 months on workmanship

What should I use to clean my benchtops?

For general care and maintenance, simply wipe away most spills  or marks with a damp cloth, or use an all purpose cleaner such as Windex spray cleaner or Ajax Spray n Wipe. Rubbing gently with  a clean, dry cloth brings back the brightness of laminates.

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